Holly Perkins, Trainer

Get Lean, Strong, Sexy Muscle!

Sculpt, Tighten, and Tone Your Trouble Zones!

Get Fit Fast!
Pick up the weights, drop the pounds, and target your trouble zones, like your belly or butt. Lift to Get Lean: Slim, Sexy, Strong is the first workout DVD that lets you pick the workouts, depending on whether you want to work your entire body or just focus on your arms, abs, or legs — or do any high-energy combination you select!

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Belly, butt, thighs, arms … the isolation and compound exercises are smokin’!


Rock a killer core with moves that lock down those ab muscles.


… in as little as 10 minutes a day.


Ignite your metabolism up to 48 hours to blast fat and calories fast!

Lift to Get Lean Slim, Sexy, Strong

Sculpt strong 'n' sexy legs.

All you need are Holly’s top blast-and-burn moves!

Every workout in Lift to Get Lean: Slim, Sexy, Strong combines compound and isolated strength- training movements to fire up more muscle groups at once — and zero in on trouble spots. It’s a faster, more effective way to burn fat and reveal lean, sexy muscle.

Look smokin’ naked!

Discover the
“press for
that lifts
and tones
the arms!

Crop-top belly and beautiful, sexy body!

Hotter than ever, head to toe!

Explosive “clean it and press it” move works your arms, abs, and legs.

Flaunt fabulous
arms in that sizzling sleeveless dress!

Get gorgeous shoulders using three special moves that spot-fire the muscles.

Fabulously fit, head to toe!

Want to sculpt lean muscle all over? Fire up the full-body workout. Ready to rock a killer core? Pick the blast-it-fast abs routine. Get gorgeous legs! Sculpt sleek triceps and shoulders! Simply reach for the routine that works for you.

Mix and match dozens of workout combinations that give you fast, flexible fitness on the fly. Wait until you see how fast the pounds drop and your scorching-hot new body shines through!

Score a beautifully toned butt.

Three moves guarantee a tight, toned, lifted butt.

Holly Perkins, Trainer

Get strong, lose weight, and feel fabulous with trainer Holly Perkins

A trainer to celebrities and athletes, Holly is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) who has spent 20 years uncovering the moves that give women real results. She is a contributing writer for Women’s Health and the author of Women’s Health Lift to Get Lean. Her workouts are tailored to women’s unique body shapes, metabolisms, and trouble spots.

In the Lift to Get Lean: Slim, Sexy, Strong DVD, Holly shows you exercises you can do at home to sculpt an amazing body. Best of all, you’ll have fun becoming a stronger, leaner, more body-confident you!

Slim, sexy, strong in as little as 10 minutes a day!

Slim, sexy, strong in as little as 10 minutes a day!

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Are you ready to get stronger and fitter faster? Discover the perfect moves for tightening, toning, and sculpting lean, sexy muscle in all the right places!

The Lift to Get Lean: Slim, Sexy, Strong DVD includes four workouts to use in any combination you want for 64 unique workout combinations:

  • 20-Minute Full-Body Workout
  • 10-Minute Abs
  • 10-Minute Legs
  • 10-Minute Arms

Who says you can’t target your trouble zones? Pick up the weights, drop the pounds, and slip into sexy fast!